About us

Woof! I'm Fuji, the bark-tastic CEO of this pawsitively amazing pet e-commerce store. At Pawsh London, we're all about keeping our furry pals tail-waggingly happy and healthy. How? By bringing the cutest Japanese and Korean-inspired toys and supplements right to their paws!

Here's the scoop: While scouting for the best toys out there, I realized something important. Playtime isn't just about fun—it's essential for our furry friends' overall well-being. That's why we handpick nosework toys that engage their curious snouts while maintaining an impeccable sense of style. Who said toys can't be both adorable and functional?

But we don't stop at toys! We're big believers in the power of supplements too. Bone broth and fish oil are like little health miracles for our pets. They keep their tails wagging, coats shiny, and joints jumping with joy.

So, join me on this journey of cuteness and wellness. Explore our collection of Japanese and Korean-inspired toys, paw-some nosework puzzles, and health-boosting supplements. Trust me, your furry friend will thank you with endless licks and cuddles!

At Pawsh London, we're here to make every wag and purr count. Let's play, wag, and live life to the fullest, one adorable toy and tasty supplement at a time. Woof, woof! FUJI